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Today all the players of the telecommunications market seek to expand the spectrum of the services they deliver as well as to create new ones. The companies that used to be monopolists just a decade ago now are forced to operate in a highly competitive market. Such requirements as the quality of products, their scale, transparency, and cost are becoming more and more significant for business. Due to technological innovations and game-changing types of services small companies, startups, and entrepreneurs can offer products, which looked like science fiction just a couple of years ago.

Webspaceteam is a telecom software developer with 7+ years on a demanding market, consisting of passionate and highly trained engineers, analytics, and QA specialists. We concentrate on solving a wide range of problems for our clients, which often implies going beyond solely technological vision.

We deliver customized products to telecom operators, TV companies, mobile businesses, and other organizations, which regularly and personally interact with their clients. We know that building a powerful and flexible infrastructure is a cornerstone of success for such businesses, so this is what we focus on when providing our telecommunications software development.


Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Our telecom solutions for businesses ensure higher horizontal scalability. Full-scale systems facilitate onboarding new users without losing performance and streamlining online service delivery.

Decreased time-to-market

Decreased time-to-market

Our custom BSS/OSS platforms allow minimizing time-to-market for new digital products and successful managing services with a high level of complexity. Flexible customization options guarantee that you are able to adjust the product to the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Providing personalized and unique UX

Providing personalized and unique UX

Create centralized platforms and product catalogs to make sure that every client is satisfied. By analyzing user behavior customize your service and create special offers and “bundles” that will interest the particular customer. With our telecom software solutions, you will always stay on top.

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OSS solutions

VoIP-Centered Software

Our team is crafting customized VoIP programs to automate data conversions and streamline your communication with the clients. Our toolkit is focused on establishing reliable interaction between providers and their clients by implementing robust conferencing solutions, minimizing connection errors, and ensuring excellent encryption measures. We do not believe in an off-the-shelf approach, so our engineers are ready to concentrate on options your particular project needs, like choosing between preferable communication methods (audio, video, or text) or constructing flexible dashboards your team can interact with.

Order Management

Order management applications have become an essential part of telecom software by allowing companies to take full control of processing the orders from customers. Such software becomes beneficial when the company needs to manage numerous orders with a high level of complexity, for example when forming a compound service for a corporate client. Such operations demand involving various devices and platforms, and accurate cost calculations. With the expansion of your company’s scale and range, existing techniques built on manual labor stop to meet the speed and functionality requirements. With our telecom software development, our partners can successfully deal with these challenges.

Inventory Management

Managing the infrastructure and network is one of the main challenges for telecom businesses. Inventory systems need to contain full information about the devices and equipment in the network, 他们当前的状况, and how they interact with each other. To ensure that you get trustworthy updates in real-time we implement cutting-edge visualization methods and IoT solutions.

BSS solutions

A business Support system is a complex instrument for maintaining digital business processes; this is a software heart of a telecom company. The functional spectrum is very wide – an operator needs to identify customers, onboard them, estimate costs, provide services, send invoices, receive payments, and all these while ensuring the best user experience for all the participants. This list looks impressive but with the development of telecommunication software companies are creating new offers and are constantly making their products more personalized and complex. In Webspaceteam, we cover a wide range of BSS solutions from a standalone billing app to customized CRM systems.

  • Customer self-service platforms, which allow the clients to track their payment status and manage tariffs and plans.
  • Facilitate onboarding with advanced billing integrations.
  • Offer personalized products with Big Data powered predictive analysis models.
  • Streamline interactions with clients by utilizing innovative trouble ticket systems.

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Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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