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Passenger transportation is the most dynamic sphere in the transportation and logistics industry. Over the last decade, it has demonstrated robust growth in regions all over the world. Businesses use technological advancements to facilitate interactions with the drivers and enhance communication with the clients. Our taxi app development company designs and programs solutions, which will allow you to successfully operate on the market, optimizing and scaling your business.


For Clients

For Clients

Our taxi booking mobile app developing company design top-notch solutions for your customers. A user downloads an app and gets immediate access to all the services of your business. The application offers possible order options, shows the location of the car in real-time, cost, and rating features.

  • A single app can use the maps of several regions, unifying your business
  • Several electronic payment methods guarantee that a prospective client will stick with your offer
  • A client can add personalization his experience by adding favorite places and custom routes
  • A company can minimize downtime and optimize efforts by allowing customers to place pre-orders
For Drivers

For Drivers

A mobile application for drivers is a powerful instrument, which allows receiving orders, creating routes, and carrying out simple accounting. The application stores statistics on the finished rides, automates evaluation and bonus system.

  • Effective distribution algorithms to ensure optimal map coverage
  • Adjustable payment policies
  • Chat options for stable and easy client-driver and driver-operator communication
  • The drivers can manage pre-orders, maximizing their fuel efficiency
  • The app for drivers is enhanced with additional security features, so that operator can come to help in any situation


Webspaceteam develops effective tools for administrating and managing all processes from the side of the business. The reports from the drivers, clients’ data, financial information are shown in a form of tables and graphics.

  • The administrator can get detailed information about any ride in just one click
  • Online chat with the drivers
  • In-depth financial reports allow getting a full view of the business in real-time
  • Phone options are integrated with the map, which means that an operator will not need to waste time searching for the full number
  • An administrator can manage pre-orders, evaluate drivers or discard them from the system


Our custom taxi app development services cater to all kinds of business, from newly born startups to established enterprises. We always try to analyze our client’s needs and identify a unique approach for their specific project. But generally, transportation software has several certain benefits.

Order automation

Digitalizing certain routine processes will allow you to minimize manual labor. Receiving orders and transferring them to drivers will no longer need an operator tracking this process in real-time. Cutting costs and minimizing efforts is one of the main goals of our professional software. The same goes with client-driver interaction since most of the communication between them happens inside the app. Modern taxi services suggest that a client should be able to receive the service with no communication with a transportation company or a driver at all. Your user saves time and you get one more happy client.

Convenient drivers’ management

You will be able to receive analytics on any driver of your company: financial reports, finished rides, driver’s location in real-time, and other important statistics.

Higher level of transparency

With professional software, a business can fully control all the processes in real-time. You have access to the relevant client’s base, see current statistics on any driver, and manage every aspect of how the company works. This makes the workflow transparent and comprehensible.

Better customer service

With our taxi booking app development services, you will get a product that exceeds your customer’s expectations. With professional software, your clients and drivers will be able to choose the optimal route, track the vehicle, evaluate the quality of the ride, and enjoy other awesome UX features.

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Push notifications

This is a crucial feature for taxi dispatch software because it facilitates work with the app both for the drivers and for the clients.


Give your customers the possibility to express their emotions, report issues, or make requests.

Evaluation options

Implementing evaluation options will allow you to fine-tune your business and your clients to receive better service.


The application will be able to automatically locate drivers and passengers on the map.

Smart distribution

By managing high-demand zones and handling cost policies, you will be able to optimize downtime and minimize waiting time for the clients.

Additional options for passengers

A client can choose several options for the order: the number of seats, baby seat, preferable language of the driver, etc.

Navigator API integrations

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Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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