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To achieve success in the modern market a business has to follow the latest trends. You need to see and hear what people like. Such trends as mobile-first and the growing influence of social networks are shaping our world.

The streaming applications have become the natural extensions of these trends. With more companies integrating stream features in their services or even coming up with their own live products, this trend is becoming more and more popular. It is getting obvious that streaming is a great way to engage with your audience, get more people to know your brand, and simply present your company on the web.

Webspaceteam offers a spectrum of live streaming app development solutions for various industries and businesses, from small startups to big, established organizations. We will find the optimal approaches for your project and our developers will make sure that the product fits your needs as closely as possible. In Webspaceteam, we do not have prepacked off-the-shelf solutions. We know that the goals of our clients are unique. While some entrepreneurs are looking forward to engaging with a broad audience, others target small, loyal groups that can bring the most success to their product. While some applications focus solely on entertainment, other services cater to education, self-improvement, journalism, or community connections.

Whatever you have in mind, Webspaceteam will get you covered.



Live streaming app development enables people to create their own digital content in real-time. You can help your audience to turn their passion into amazing and engaging content. The demand for such virtual experience exists in many spheres. Just choose whatever makes you feel great and go for it. Our developers will handle the rest. We will craft your concept into an effective and well-designed application for gamers, musicians, coaches, etc. Using our wide expertise, we can enable your product with many technological features.


Video conferencing can become your company’s distinguishing advantage on the market. We make sure to achieve the highest quality of communication inside and outside your company. There are numerous off-the-shelf offers on the market, but we believe that custom solutions are what make the difference between leaders and those who follow.


OTT application gives the user full control over the content he can access. Giving people the right to construct their watch list makes OTT streaming development more and more relevant. Such services are gaining huge popularity all around the world and surely bringing tons of profit to their owners. Our team is ready to provide their skillset to shape the most effective product for your startup, crystalizing our experience into something that is to be a future trend.


The events of 2020 showed the whole world that the educational sphere can successfully operate online. Streaming opens many new possibilities for both teachers and learners. And all signs show that this trend will grow and evolve into something extraordinary. Webspaceteam is proud to craft unique, cutting-edge solutions in video streaming app development, providing you with a top-notch application.

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Here are some of the examples of how video streaming app development can be put to use.



From Twitch to Netflix, this industry is experiencing huge growth. Dozens of projects start every year but most of them do not even make it to the MVP. Partially it is because of how challenging the process of making such a service is. We know that video streaming application development can be highly skill-demanding, but we make sure to put all effort needed into crafting an excellent product.

Real Estate

Real Estate

This is probably one of the most promising niches on the market right now. Using streaming services, real estate agents can demonstrate the properties, attract new buyers, and conduct showings for numerous buyers. Of course, such a boost comes with a price. It takes a lot of skill and competence to enable an application with professional features and make it an effective tool for both sellers and buyers.



Video streaming app development gives more people broad access to good healthcare. Effective implementation of modern technologies gives many opportunities to doctors, medical institutions, 药物公司, and most importantly patients.

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Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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Why Webspaceteam?

Video streaming app development can be challenging. Our team of highly trained and experienced developers will make sure that everything is smooth.

Our Analytics professionals keep up with the current trends, so they know exactly what makes a success on the market.

We cover all the intricate details. Your application will have everything it needs.

Full transparency on every stage. We actively involve our clients in the programming process so that no issue goes unnoticed.

We think about the future. We know that stability and security are important components of a good product, but in video streaming app development they become vital. With our applications, your users can be sure that their information is secure while getting the stable performance.

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