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If there is a market that always grows it is real estate. This industry is both promising and versatile. And even though there are major international players in this market, small and medium businesses have all the chances to succeed. Of course, to achieve high results entrepreneurs have to utilize every tool in stock.

The unique nature and high complexity of this industry set high-quality standards for real estate software development services. A final product needs to be well-designed, with good architecture and code to ensure a high level of performance, and remains a high level of security. Land developer software has to be able to gather and process a huge amount of data, and still provide a frictionless experience for both your customers and employees. Another major issue is that this industry is highly diverse, so companies have to know the differences between applications for commercial and housing real estate. Our experienced and highly trained professionals will focus on bringing to life your ideas according to the particular business needs, niche, and strategy.


Our real estate software development company delivers products, which will allow not only to attract new customers and discover new audiences but also to achieve a brand new level of customer satisfaction. Although real estate is not the most technology-intensive industry, it can certainly benefit from modern digital solutions. Big data, augmented reality technologies, and 3D modeling can allow you to re-shape your business strategy and bring outstanding service to your clients.

Real estate companies have to collect, process, and utilize huge amounts of data, including multimedia. Professional programs allow you to centralize your approach to the data, keep track of all the processes in real-time, and optimize how you operate on the market. Cutting down the amount of manual labor alongside facilitating all document flow can major leverage on the market. At the same time, businesses need to be aware that they need a robust security level to keep their client's information safe. With our real estate software development services, you can be sure that all the data will remain intact.

Real estate is an industry where you have to be as client-centered as possible to remain on top. Professional technologies allow you to provide a high level of user satisfaction and eliminate any friction when delivering the services. The product has to be well-designed and focus on the needs of your customers. In Webspaceteam, we analyze what you sell, how you sell, and to whom, and then craft a fully customized system, which will cover all the demands of your target audiences.



We design cross-platform applications and custom web solutions for successful real estate management. Your project can be integrated with major platforms like Salesforce. We also construct virtual office platforms, robust VMS systems, and customized CRMs. We focus on designing solid architecture and programming flexible and robust systems, which can process and store high amounts of data and demonstrate excellent performance under pressure.


Get reliable predictions, analyze and interpret various market factors, and evaluate the risk to optimize how your business operates on the market. We use Big data technologies and real-time modeling to keep you updated on the latest industry trends and help you identify new openings for growth. Profound risk analytics may be especially useful for construction website development.


Webspaceteam provides MLS platforms with high levels of search performance and enhanced sorting capabilities. We craft products with clear and comprehensible design, powerful structure, and a high level of security. We know that very often off-the-shelf solutions do not provide the required level of functionality. This is why we are always ready to customize the system according to the particular demands of the business.


When crafting the IDX program, we not only create a powerful tool for your business but also make sure that the product complies with the authority bodies' regulations.

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Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine Learning and Big Data

Innovative technologies are already re-shaping the market of real estate. Implementing Big Data tech can provide you with in-depth insights, analyze customer behavior, and personalize the service you provide. With our real estate software development services, you will be able to achieve a high level of automation and create a successful strategy, which will bring you on top.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Despite the technological advancements, this industry still relies on real-life interactions. While such an approach can certainly have its benefits, it also narrows the audience you can target. By implementing VR/AR solutions, you can promote loyalty, facilitate onboarding, and explore new markets.



The Internet of Things is one of the major trends in programming right now and real estate can benefit hugely from it. Installing sensors and turning the building into a huge smart device can help b2b companies enhance cost and energy efficiency and fix any issue before it appears.

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Alex Rabens

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The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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