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The most expensive mistakes are the ones made at the very start of the project. It is not always possible for a business to evaluate the project’s requirements by itself. To crystalize the idea and answer many essential questions one needs expertise in web development, understanding of business logic, and having insights into user scenarios. Prototyping is the process, which lets businesses visualize a future application, website, or their separate components to refine the concept and create a specific technical task for the programming team.

Prototyping services from Webspaceteam will allow you to avoid common mistakes at the stage of planning the concept. We are ready to be your consultants in the world of web programming, providing our expertise and collaborating with you to find the most optimal solutions for both user interfaces and the internal architecture of the product.

A web design prototype needs to solve several challenges, especially when we are talking about complex services. It needs to represent interface interactions and involve all the main user scenarios.

Prototyping vs Wireframing

From our experience these two notions are often confused and many of our clients do not see the difference between plain wireframing and building full-scale prototypes.

Wireframes are used as part of documentation for the project, these are the images, which show how the content of the future app is laid out and structured. Prototypes on the other hand let you interact with the screen, e.g. press some buttons, see dynamic elements, etc. This is a close-to-life simulation. Of course it will be different from a final product, but it gives an all-encompassing vision of its function set and capabilities.

Although prototyping is more complex, time-consuming, and requires sufficient spending, it allows companies to sufficiently cut down the cost for future development and reduce the programming effort.

Why do projects need prototypes?

Clear structure

As a rule, prototypes have nothing to do with basic design, which allows business owners and their business development and marketing team to concentrate on its structure and logic, not on how it looks. You will see the project’s weak and strong sides in terms of marketing and promotion.

Easy to comprehend

Unlike long and often tedious technical tasks, prototypes are much easier to understand. They offer a great opportunity to interact with the project before it starts, allowing you to grasp the idea of how the product will work.

Avoid unnecessary spending

It is easier to identify and eliminate any problems at the early stage than to spend money on existing design.

Speed up the programming

Having an interactive template of a future product facilitates the development process. After all the main questions are discussed, it becomes much easier to achieve the desired outcome.

Get exact cost

A web design prototype is the best way to receive the exact cost for the project because both the client and the contractor will have a clear vision of what should be achieved.

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Ideation And Interviewing

Ideation And Interviewing

We need to share with you the same vision to bring it to life. This is why we start by interviewing the client and analyze all the marketing documentation provided. By doing this, we can establish preliminary functionality and page structure.

Outlining The Architecture

Outlining The Architecture

Our designers work in collaboration with SEO specialists to create a website or application structure, considering search engine requirements and popular search queries.

Identifying User Paths And Scenarios

Identifying User Paths And Scenarios

We analyze your target audience and then work through paths for different user groups, depending on their needs and habits.



UX/UI specialists build interfaces of the key screens on the future project, using the data from the previous steps. The result will consist of separate layouts, page carcasses. We also can provide some dynamic elements to demonstrate key components’ functionality, for example for the drop-down menu.

We deliver outstanding prototypes for any use



Prototyping for mobile programs ensures that your users will receive an engaging product with appealing design.



Web projects provide extensive functionality and complex interaction scenarios with visitors. With Webspaceteam, you can be sure that the customers will be able to enjoy the full scope of the product's capabilities by researching user behaviour and streamlining user paths.



Currently the market sets high standards for desktop programming. The software must be scalable, user-friendly, and show great performance. Our engineers will craft a robust architecture for the concept, which will allow you to speed up the programming and ensure high quality of the result.

What our happy clients say

Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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When do you need prototyping services?

Complex project

We help you to draw business logic, outline functionality and crystalize the concept. As a result, you are going to receive projects’ architecture, functional elements, integrational block schemes, high-level development tasks.

Challenging UX

If your future product is planned to have complex multi-level functionality, it is better to make sure that it will be clear and comprehensive for users. We help you identify the target audiences and correlate user scenarios with the current business strategy.

Enhanced SEO

We utilize the principles of SEO-driven development. Collaborate with SEO specialists during the process of designing the structure and screens.

Best way to early MVP

A prototype is the foundation of design. Turning a well-made prototype into a ready-to-use design will take much less time and resources.

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