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In any business, the team is the most influential asset. Engaging the staff in effective streamflow is a key principle for success, and motivating your workers is getting more and more valuable on the global scale.

To maintain a high motivation level, executives use different methods from just free cookies in the kitchen to regular team buildings and corporate parties. Many businesses have gone farther in immersing employees in the company’s life. Free catering, fitness vouchers, medical insurance, cheap loans have become common in spheres. Market leaders provide boons that are even more stimulating for the people who put their lives into making an awesome product.

As a result, at the moment all these benefits are taken for granted and specialists on the market are searching for the opportunity to grow and develop their skills. A prospective worker wants to be involved in the team’s life; they want managers to pay attention to them – they are looking for a deep and inclusive corporate culture.

How can an HR manager get the time to cover all those questions without neglecting the company’s routine tasks, such as managing the schedule and incorporating new members into the team?

The answer is HR process digitalization, investing in the integration of professional software that allows enhancing HR capacity and automatizing routine flows.


HR software development can lead to a great boost for the organization. Implementing an HR module includes a transformation of interactions between HR, department executives, and personnel.

Monitoring the adaptation, training, and professional growth of the workers inside the company. Using the technologies allows you to transfer experience to newcomers, effectively motivate and reward the team.

The new level of assigning and controlling payrolls, employee records, and vacations.

Integrating human resources tools with headhunting services for better recruiting management.

Profound analytics for a deeper awareness of how your venture works.

Saving funds due to a higher level of routine automation.

Enhancing the company’s image in your niche.

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Web HR platforms give our clients the opportunity to organize their teams efficiently opening new ways for growth and improvement. A web service that you managers can access remotely expands the number of ways you can interact with your workers, provides in-depth analytics of your team’s effectiveness and offers news opening for increasing the output of your venture. When developing web HR solutions Webspaceteam prioritizes the issue of security, since we realize how crucial it is. We want our product to be your strength, not a weakness.



Mobile-friendly is a fast-growing trend and companies, which do not follow it, risk falling behind. Mobile HR software development lets our partners synchronize the workflows in their organization, connecting all departments as well as single employees into a unified web. Using this approach, you can stay in touch with the staff and the customers in real-time, with tools like instant comments on tasks, push notifications, etc. No matter where you are, our technical instruments will allow you to be up-to-date with your enterprise and successfully manage all the affairs.



In addition to full-cycle HR software development services, we also deliver custom HR modules to our clients. Some of our clients already have an HR system and what they need is the integration of new functionality. Some are not sure if they need a full-range system or just a couple of tools designed specifically for their goals. It can be comprehensive training or a breach-safe budget instrument. Whatever you desire, Webspaceteam will get you covered. Our programmers and analytics will handle the most comprehensive and complex tasks.


A successful and all-encompassing human resources system is a broad set of tools. Among them are recruitment tools, strategic planning and administrative instruments.

Unfortunately, very often when trying to implement an HR system company owners follow the model of the market leaders without or with little adaptation. In Webspaceteam, we start the HR software development with SWOT analysis and only on the next step our developers present options relevant particularly for your cause. We take into account your business strategy and the specifics of your niche to identify optimal solutions.

Designing an HR system has four essential aspects.

  • We identify weaknesses and strengths in HR management in your organization. This also includes a profound analysis of the document flow.
  • We develop recruitment systems, tools for staff adaptation and evaluation, improvement and motivation instruments.
  • Creating a functional set specifically for your needs, providing a completely new level of staff systematization and control.
  • Instruments for effective shaping and guiding the corporate culture.

Our full-stack developers with 7+ years of background provide the complete spectrum of HR software development services. We are sure of every aspect of our work from cutting-edge tools to time-proven practices in programming.

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Alex Rabens | MickeyAlex Rabens | Mickey

Alex Rabens

Founder & CEO, Mickey

The marketplace worked exactly as intended. Webspace distinguished themselves with their structured project management style and seamless integration with the internal team. They quickly learned new technical tools to deliver great results.

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